All forms must be submitted by May 15.
Exceptions noted below.

For a safe and successful summer with Just Act NYC, we require all participants to return all of the forms listed on this page. Some forms are filled out and submitted in your web browser, some are printed, filled out by hand and uploaded back to your account. Please only print and fill out by hand where designated.

All forms are accessed in the Forms & Documents section of your CampInTouch account. CampInTouch will track your submissions so you can easily determine which forms have been submitted and which are still outstanding.

If you do not have access to a scanner, paper forms can be mailed to us.

Mail to:
Just Act NYC
Attn: Elena Dufner, Just Act NYC
c/o URJ Youth
1 West 4th St.
New York, NY 10012

Questions about forms should be directed to Elena Dufner at (212) 650-4089 or

Instructions for Just Act NYC Forms

Log into CampInTouch, then navigate to the Forms & Documents section to access and submit forms.

Required Forms
All required forms are due May 15, except the Medical Examination Form.

Photo Upload
Please follow the prompts to upload a digital photograph clearly showing the participant’s face. You may have already submitted this as part of your initial registration, in which case you do not need to resubmit. Please do not mail us photos.

If you’d like to change the photo you’ve already submitted, you can update it by filling out this form again.

URJ Health History and Examination Forms
This form is split into four different sections, each of which must be submitted individually. Please submit each section as soon as you are able. All except the Health History section are PDF downloads that you will upload back to your account once completed. They do not need to be submitted all at the same time.

Health History
Please fill out the form in your web browser to submit it. Please note that we offered the option to provide this information on your initial registration. If you did so, you will see your submissions already listed in the form. Please take this opportunity to review the information and make any changes, if necessary.

Immunization History
Please download this PDF, which contains our immunization records form. You may either fill this out by hand and upload it OR you may submit an immunization history form provided by your doctor or state health department.

Please note that the URJ Vaccine Statement for participants attending our summer programs is also available for download in your CampInTouch account. This is for your information only; you do not need to upload it back to your account.

Insurance Cards and Authorization
Please download this PDF, which contains spaces for you to attach copies of your medical insurance card (front and back), and your prescription card (if you have one). In addition to attaching your insurance/prescription information, please check the box accepting the URJ vaccine policy, and sign the authorizations regarding the health information you have submitted.

Medical Examination Form – Not Subject to May 15 Deadline (see note below)
Please download this PDF, print it, and bring it to the participant’s doctor to fill out based on their most recent physical examination. We require all participants to have a physical within one year of the start of the program. If your teen has not yet had their annual physical, please do not submit this form based on last year’s physical.

If your doctor or state health authority provides a standardized form, you may submit that in lieu of the URJ’s exam form.

Please note, we understand that most of our families schedule their annual physicals in May or June. If this is the case for your family, please fill out and submit the online Health History, Immunization History, and Insurance Cards and Authorization by May 15. Please submit the exam form as soon as it is complete. There is no need to contact us if you will be sending the exam form after May 15, but please know that you will still receive automated reminder emails from us.