Just Act NYC wants everyone to gain the most they can from each individual’s process. We created a list of goals to make our participants stronger artists. Here are just a few on our list!

For the individual to find and hone his or her voice as an artist

For the group to create an individual and authentic artistic voice

To develop a process which includes an eclectic, yet organic, foundation

To understand PaRDeS, a traditional Jewish process of text analysis

To become a better storyteller

To become a pro-active theatre thinker

To become an inspiring theatre collaborator

To immerse oneself into the process of creating

To gain a form of critique that is constructive which inspires growth and progress

To understand the difference between process and performance

To trust in the freedom of process and the freedom of form

Begin to put your finger on the spine of what frees you.

To learn how to work, and create work, in a group dynamic

To find art in all we do and see

To build an arsenal of tools of how to articulate the art we see and the art we seek

To seek the truth in the other

To have the courage to fail.

To learn to trust and put trust in the others on stage with you, and to gain even more trust in yourself

Yes, And… What else can be added to this list?

What other goals might you have for yourself?

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