This week, we have been working towards using our voices and bodies in order to tell a story. We’ve played many games that build, work-shopped scenes, and used different service based articles in order to learn how to tell a story for those around us. Today, Nolan Kennedy joined us to teach his “Sound Painting,” master class. Sound painting is a means of using ones body or objects around you in order to create music.

Here is some info on Nolan Kennedy!



Nolan Kennedy is an actor, writer, musician, improviser and director. He is a co-founder of Letter of Marque Theater Co., an ensemble member of Strike Anywhere, player in the Walter Thompson Orchestra, a freelance lighting designer, and a teaching artist. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Nolan received his B.F.A. in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University.

His acting credits: in NYC: Double Falsehood, A Farce of Nature, Bully Me Down, Color Between the Lines, Julius Caesar, Peter Pan, London Cries, Macbeth Variations II, and Same River; in Chicago: Private Lies, The Closeness of You, and Genius; in Austin, TX: The Bowie Projects I & II; and in France: Rue Colbert & Heroines. His playwriting credits include Prepared Fresh, This Little Piece, Gifts, and Bully Me Down. He is a founding member of two bands: Whiskey First and Salon Man.

According to Nolan:

“It’s more important to create than to judge creation. In theater, we have the luxury of dismissing any reality, any consequence, any normality in pursuit of artistic expression. This removal of rules is what allows art to forage, unhindered, through new realms of thought, new paradigms, new ways of thinking. It is not precious. Art that is precious is breakable, removable, and temporary. Preciousness in art is death to its creation.
I believe beauty in art has the potential to inspire, to touch, to change. This kind of beauty must be at the core of live creation. And this kind of beauty is only felt in the moment by the people who are part of it. It cannot be codified, framed, set, or even repeated. It is not precious. In art, everything can be beautiful, but it cannot be precious. To put it another way: ask what is art, not why is art.”

Below is a video of Just Act NYC working on Sound Painting.


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