This past week we ventured to both the Frick Collection and the Tenement Museum. The differences in lifestyle between the wealthy Upper East Side and the Immigrant Lower East Side were amazing and also eye opening.

The Frick Collection, a former mansion owned by Henry Clay Frick. Housing only three people, the enormous mansion, looking over Central Park, now has one of the greatest art collections to date. Pieces include original Monet’s, Rembrandts, and more.

The Tenement Museum differed greatly.  Here, we had a performer play the part of Victoria Confino, a Jewish immigrant who just moved to New York. As a group, you sit in her extremely small two-bedroom apartment, which houses ten family members, including a baby.

Our participants took the time to reflect on their experiences of both the Upper East Side versus the Lower East Side.

“Both places were so different and happening at the same time. It’s weird to think people lived like that.”- Riva Brody

“The Upper East Side felt a lot cleaner. The Lower East Side is really cool, but messier. It’s also cool how there is so much Jewish history on the Lower East Side. It feels like Jewish food and culture is everywhere.”- Jordan Resnick

“I can’t imagine living in such a small place [tenements] with so many people at once. I feel very lucky.”- Renana Chernin

Links to both the Tenement Museum and Frick Collection can be found below.

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