Just Act NYC Recruitment 101

This is a new program for congregations in the NYC-area, and we want to make sure your teens and families know that it’s an option for them!

The ready-to-use materials below make it easy to promote Just Act NYC in your congregation’s bulletin, emails, social media, and at events. Look for even more materials to be added as the summer nears. Don’t see something here? Email justactnyc@urj.org and we’ll help!

  • Our Brandfolder houses images, logos, and documents to share this in your own networks.
  • Use our ready-to-use materials for print bulletins or e-mail newsletters. We also have photos and logos you can download and insert.
  • If your congregation has a page of summer opportunities for teens, list us there – www.justactnyc.org.
  • Nominate a teen to receive a personal invite.
  • Include Just Act NYC on your social media accounts, and share our content by following us on Instagram and Facebook. Check out our social media page for ready-to-use graphics, tweets, and posts.
  • Support scholarships for your teens. Offer and promote scholarship assistance for teens. We are pleased to be able to provide scholarships for teens from the NYC-area – when they apply, we ask them to also consult their congregations. View our scholarship page here.
  • Request materials! We’ll send you a package of materials to keep on your desk, in the lobby, and in the youth lounge.

Just Act NYC provides a unique opportunity for teens in the New York area to pursue their love of acting and theater in an immersive Jewish context – right here in NYC. Join us in sharing this new program with the right teen or teens in your network.

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